Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Spy Is Born

My new Kindle book, Anon X: Soldier, Spy, Hitman, Hero, just came out on Amazon's Kindle store and I heartily thank the few people who have already clicked the buy button. If you haven't,

It's been one heck of a train ride, writing, formatting and publishing this and I will tell you a bit of the pain I went through especially with formatting and cover design. Indie authors need all the help they can get and I hope my blog can help some surmount their fears like J.A. Konrath's helped me. BTW, this book is dedicated to him. We may never meet but his relentless arguments for self-publishing are very helpful. In a way, this blog will channel him and other kindle authors I read and follow.

So, today, Anon X, the spy is born. After saving the world, let's see how well, he'll do on the Kindle Store. Konrath talked about luck to breakthrough. Having written a good book, edited it thoroughly, formatted it perfectly and made a catchy cover, I hope I have enough of "this luck" to be successful. But till then, I'll be writing the next book and pop in here to tell you a thing or two.

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