Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Kindle Author's Apology

Dear Peme,

Thank you for leaving a review for my kindle book. It’s a pretty amazing thing for an author when he gets feedback on his work. Even though you left me a 2/5 rating, I’d still have that over nothing. As soon as I saw your rating, I was crestfallen for a few hours but then I checked popular books from popular authors, both indie and mainstream. Lo and behold, they have seen worse. I took solace in that and my mood improved.

You complained that my kindle book wasn’t thoroughly edited. Well, it wasn’t perfectly edited and guess what, most indie authors don’t have the luxury of fancy editors. It is terribly difficult to hammer out a thriller, edit it perfectly, format it right for kindle, do a great cover for it and dip your toes in online marketing, all on your own. Please forgive me for not making the book error-free. I have learnt that an author can be caught in an infinite loop of editing and re-editing in his search for perfection.

I’m especially glad that you have nothing against the plot and its execution. All you didn’t like were the few incorrect spellings, sentences and wordings (your words). I’ll promise you this: I’ll run a finer comb through the whole book and re-upload a better copy in two weeks. I hope the changes reflect on the copy on your kindle. I’ll also do a double sweep on my second novel which is just finished.

I hope you don’t give up on indie writers. Be gentler on our faults. We work harder; our books sell for less; we have good stories to tell and we value our readership. Plus, a review goes a long way; a good review is better but a poor one will still do. The knowledge that someone is reading us makes the lonely task of writing a saner exercise.

Yours truly,
Leon Ardkin.

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